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Early Warning Signs of Arthritis

When we think of arthritis we often think of elderly people with disfigured fingers and sore joints that cause mobility problems. While that is certainly true, in fact it is the primary cause of disability among those over 55 years of age, children as young as 12 may suffer from some type of arthritis. Since several forms of arthritis are from wear and tear and degeneration, it makes sense that most sufferers are older... Read more


4 Natural Ways to Lower Cholesterol

Have you been told you need to lower your cholesterol? If so, then you’ve probably heard about the difference between HDL, or “good” cholesterol and LDL, or “bad” cholesterol and the importance of keeping the right balance for a healthy heart.

Well, be careful, because cholesterol numbers alone don’t give you a full picture of your heart’s health. That doesn’t mean you should let your cholesterol readings fly high and unchecked. But be careful of modern medicine “cures” that can cause more problems than they solve... Read more


5 Ways You Can Beat Arthritis

When you start to feel uncomfortable pain in your knee, elbow, wrist or hip you may be in the early stages of some form of arthritis. The good news is that you can beat arthritis, the bad news is that so many of us don’t understand arthritis that we rely on the wrong treatments. Without proper treatment your pain, discomfort and inflammation will only worsen... Read more


Exercise and Joint Pain? Follow these rules

Perhaps the biggest myth surrounding arthritis is that you should not exercise because it will cause more damage. Of course those who suffer from a form of arthritis will welcome this myth because physical activity—the wrong physical activity—can be quite painful. But the fact is that exercise isn’t just something you should think about when you’re experience joint pain, it is something you should be doing... Read more